'Ruby Velvet' Sparkling Red NV

'Ruby Velvet' Sparkling Red NV

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The NV (non-vintage) Ruby Velvet is comprised of majority Estate grown Grenache, instead of the previously used Dolcetto grape variety. Dolcetto and Grenache have similarities including large berries, thin skins and bright red fruit varietal character, both lending themselves to soft, fruit forward styles of wine. We utilised our own Grenache fruit for this style, incorporating smaller portions of Dolcetto, Lagrein and Cabernet Sauvignon for aroma and structure. A small portion of old fortified was added to provide subtle sweetness and famous velvety texture. Carbonation dissolves carbonic acid which accentuates the wine’s acidity, providing freshness and balance.

The Wine
Bright, ruby crimson in colour with intense aromas of dark cherry, black currant and plums. The addition of old tawny also provides complex nuances of toffee and spice. The palate begins bold and fruitful with a soft and creamy texture. Balanced acidity, tannin and added carbonation combine for a refreshing finish. 

Serving Suggestion
Serve chilled and celebrate with roasted meats and cranberry sauce (or with a second bottle) on a balmy summer evening.


Varieties: Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Lagrein, Dolceto, Mixed
Limestone Coast, Australia
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