Woodstock Muscat

Woodstock Muscat

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With a sweet tooth, and a passion for capturing grape flavours, winemaker Scott Collett started fortifying sweet Muscat styles in 1984. Scott would crush almost raisined, highly aromatic grapes of Muscat and Frontignac varieties to end the vintage after all the other wines were made. Pure grape spirit was added soon after ferment started, making perfumed, luscious wine of about 18% alcohol.

Although the average age of this Muscat is around 15 years, the youngest is 5 and the oldest is 25 years old when bottled. With barrel maturation, the wine becomes even sweeter as some evaporates to the “angel’s share”, and the caramel and toffee flavours grow. Colour slowly settles out of the wine during aging. A portion of younger Muscat adds aromatic fruit aroma and flavour to freshen up the complex aged components.

The Wine
Raisin characters on the nose with orange zest aromas and a glimpse of Christmas pudding evident. Decadent, luscious lingering toffee and grape sweetness tempts the sweet tooth in you. This wine was deliberately bottled unfiltered to retain its viscosity and fullness.

Serving Suggestion
One of the few wine styles that works with chocolate, try it with butterscotch and date pudding or simply pour it onto fruitcake, warm in the microwave then serve with cream or ice cream!


Varieties: Frontignac
McLaren Vale, Australia
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