Multi-Vintage 'Very Old Fortified' Minimum 20 years old

Multi-Vintage 'Very Old Fortified' Minimum 20 years old

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“MV” refers to Multi-Vintage, and this rare Tawny is an average age of about 25 years. Formerly known as Tawny Port, it holds a special place in the Woodstock stable. Wine industry pioneer Doug Collett made McLaren Vale Grenache and Shiraz fortifieds in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He aged them in old Brandy barrels for future generations. Today, his son Scott Collett, continues the fortified tradition at Woodstock.

Grenache and Shiraz ferments are “fortified” with the addition of grape spirit when about half of the natural sugar is fermented. The spirit kills yeast and preserves the remaining sweetness. The wine is clarified then matured in 100 to 300 litre oak casks for 20 years or more. Each year 4-5% is lost to evaporation from each barrel, but the luscious flavours evolve and concentrate as the wine matures.

The Wine
The red grape colours have precipitated away over time, leaving a true ‘tawny’ colour after two decades in barrel. A powerful and complex nose full of nuts, toffee, intense spice and fresh rancio characters reflect its age and complexity. On the palate, toffee, mocha, coffee and intense nuttiness all combine to create rich luscious flavours. The finish is long with lingering flavours of a fine very old fortified.

Serving Suggestion
An ideal digestive with coffee and chocolates, especially dark chocolate!


Varieties: Grenache, Shiraz
McLaren Vale, Australia
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