'Free Borough' Montepulciano

'Free Borough' Montepulciano

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The town of Woodstock, UK - our namesake - was declared a 'Free Borough' by then King of England, Henry VI, in 1453: a home for those living outside of the traditional expectations of society. This wine is reflective of the third generation joining the family business, bringing along fresh energy together with new winemaking ideas that contrast and complement the classic styles traditionally associated with the Woodstock range. Primary fermentation is a sensory adventure marked by vivid colours and infatuating aromas. Inspired by brightly coloured wine, swirling yeast lees and the intense perfumed fruit aromas of partially fermented grapes, this small batch experiment is a young and joyful expression of Estate-grown Montepulciano.


This wine was made from our 12 year old estate-grown vineyard on the highest point of our sandy ridge in Blewitt springs. Vines are machine harvested at night towards the end of vintage, with high acidity and juicy purple fruit flavours in mind. The grapes are crushed into a small open fermenter and left to ferment on skins for 5 days, pumped over twice daily. The wine is then drained and pressed into stainless steel in order to retain maximum bright colour and aromatics.


Vivid magenta in colour, this lively Montepulciano leaps from the glass in both colour and aroma. Perfumed fruit notes of boysenberry, plum and sour cherry on the nose follow through to a fruit driven, medium bodied palate. A balanced yet drying finish allows this wine to pair well with your cheesy, herbaceous Italian favourites.


Think Margarita pizza, punchy Puttanesca pasta or earthy mushroom arancini with red pesto aioli.

Peter Collett

Vegan Friendly

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