'Little Miss Collett' Moscato 2022

'Little Miss Collett' Moscato 2022

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Scott Collett and the Woodstock winemaking team created this partially fermented, effervescent Moscato with a special family member in mind – Little Miss Collett. A lover of fashion and style, Little Miss Collett is known for her vibrancy and her “breath of fresh air” confident demeanour. After researching and tasting over 30 Moscatos, the vibrant Northern Italian styles inspired us with their natural acidity and full fruit richness.

The early ripening variety White Frontignac was harvested in the cool of night in early February, while the intense fruit characters blossomed and before the natural acids declined. The clear grape juice was cool fermented until reaching the desired sweetness, then chilled to preserve the natural bubbles and flavours of Moscato.

The Wine
Light pink in colour with fresh, floral aromatic notes comprising notes of musk and lemon blossom. Vibrant and delightfully delicate palate with flavours of strawberries and lychees. Fine beads provide a creamy mouthfeel with natural grape acids balancing the fruity Muscat sweetness for a zippy, lingering finish.

Serving Suggestion
Perfect aperitif, especially in summer and ideal for brunch or High Tea, with lots of berries, macaroons or canapés - Little Miss Collett can also be confidently served on its own at any fun, festive occasion.

Varieties: Frontignac
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