Grenache Rosé

Grenache Rosé

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The ripe Grenache grapes are picked in the cool of the night and made to an easy drinking style. Deliberately fruity and full of flavour, Woodstock Rosé makes a perfect drink for a lazy summer afternoon.

We crush the fully ripened Grenache grapes then cold soak the grape skins with their juice for between 4 to 10 hours to extract colour and flavours. After draining from the skins, the juice is treated like a white wine with the sugars slowly fermented down to the desired sweetness level. The fermenting yeast are then stopped by chilling the wine until bottling. This preserves the natural Grenache grape glucose and fructose sugars, rather than adding other concentrated juice. 

The Wine
Vibrant crimson-purple in colour. A flamboyant bouquet of strawberry and raspberry, the palate has a sweet strawberry and cream entry followed by lovely crispness and balancing acidity. The juicy, red berry aftertaste keeps you coming for more. As the wine ages, we find the initial raspberry characters of Grenache evolve into strawberry. The “cream” comes from the natural sweetness giving a creamy texture.

Serving Suggestion
Served chilled with spicy dishes (it’s great for soothing the burning heat of chilli) or just enjoyed with friends on a sunny afternoon at the beach.

Vegan Friendly

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